I’m Blue, It’s True

Blue is a colour you never get used to,
even though your eyes are most comfortable with it.
People say that “life finds a way,” but…
I just see blue.
And that’s all there ever will be.
And I’m happy.
Well, happy as I’ll ever be.
Being me.
Blue is where your heart breaks.
Not like that cliché, drama queen, tween scene,
“Are you breaking up with me?!”
No, that’s some other, brighter colour.
I’m talking about genuine true blue,
but diluted to a serene clarity and with a touch of grey.
It’s like, you’re not shook up,
but you also know you will never be the same again,
like that thing that you thought you were
just isn’t there anymore.
Like they took it.
And you just have to accept it.
So that, even though you’re calm and clear,
you’re not your true self;
you’re diluted.
And some painters don’t understand that.
They just think
that you’re the colour of the sky.
But skies don’t focus on their identity.
No, that’s for other, brighter colours.
Not me.
I’m blue.

Elaine Bento  April 22, 2017


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