Why must one die while the other remains?
Both lovely in their way,
both equally wicked:
with this one’s charm
and that one’s wit.
Two sides of the same coin,
yet they cancel each other out.
As one strengthens,
the other is vanquished
and as the first weakens,
so the other takes the reign.
It seems both have purpose
when the other is there to thwart them.
And yet,
there must come a day
when one must be vanquished
by the other.
This is not the tale
of Light and Darkness
or Good and Evil.
This is the tale
of Innocence and Experience;
the child-self and the superego.
Though both learn from each other,
throughout a lifetime,
there will come a day
when one will overshadow the other,
and when this day comes
the ego under their mercy
will be forced to look at himself from afar
in only a short time,
as the hands of Death
seek to rid the world of this imbalance.
The child and the super will become mute—
one already dead,
the other shamed—
as Ego, their charge,
must suffer to look at
the choice they have made for him
(for once unaware of the consequences)
to hand him to Death, the rehabilitator,
to suffer the toils
of criminal and selfish men before him
as if they were the same.
And yet are they not
the same?
He and the criminals?
Lost on the treacherous path
to enlightenment?
One can only hope
that he will wish to do it again:
to suffer under the conflicted rule
of Child-self and Superego
and make up for what they have done
when Death allows him back
into the next life
and again
until he will suffer no more
and the coin becomes a sphere.

Elaine Bento  April 24, 2017


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