Sonnet to Iambe

When most I wink then does my mind best jest,
For all the day it views things unrespected,
And when it tires, from humour finds no rest,
With just one spark, all further thoughts affected.
Then thou whose laughter laughter doth incite,
How would thy laughter’s sound form happy song,
On this drab day with eyes playfully bright,
When to my weary eye thy grin shines strong?
How would I say mine ears be blessed made
By hearing such a joke as thou could say,
When in despair I wallow in my shade,
Until your clever wit doth make my day?
All days are grey and boring as can be,
And nights bring whimsy with my Iambe.

Elaine Bento  2016
Parody of William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 43 (my favourite sonnet), inspired by my boring job and the Greek goddess of humour, Iambe


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