First day of MiNoWriMo! I’ll be posting my word count later for today. So far I’m starting with 20,713 words. Here’s a brief synopsis of my novel. Let me know what you think in the comments:

Tenessa knows it was probably the alcohol making her see things, but some part of her believes that the cougar she encountered when she and her friends broke into the zoo that night was more than just a wild animal, but someone entirely more sentient. She becomes fascinated by him, researching and even getting a job at the zoo so she can observe him. She quickly learns that her suspicions were right, and she is determined to free him and take him to the Canadian wilderness where he belongs. Their journey is no casual walk through the woods, as other predators—both animal and human —threaten to break through their pride and make them realize what they’ve been searching for all along—each other.

Elaine Bento


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