In the shadows He waits,
eyeing you through the leaves,
stalking you close behind,
An ever-faithful presence
as you try to find You.

He is the hunt,
He is the animal,
and when you falter,
He braces for the pounce.

And then you call His name.

All at once he encompasses you
He fills you
He lifts you
He is you:

your Ambition
your Wild
your Sex
your Pride
your Strength
your Brave
He is You.

He chases away distress,
and when the fear is vanquished,
He lays you down gently
on a bed of fallen leaves,
sweeps the hair back from your face,
kisses you in blessing,
and returns to His abode

lying in wait
until You hunger again.

Elaine Bento  September 2015


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