The Great Valley

I need a moment to inhale
woods and fresh air from your skin;
the sun-soaked, eroded soil so soft;
the hide that hides firm mountains of muscle
which lift me into the arms of the valley;
my favourite seat,
where the sacred monolith resides,
waiting to be sheltered from the elements
by my nectar-sodden flesh.

Elaine Bento  Feb 14, 2018



I just get these feelings…
and I want to orgasm to release the feelings,
but every time I do, it’s not enough.
So I keep playing and playing
until I’m too sensitive
and I can’t orgasm anymore.
But I still crave a high;
an emotional climax.
Then I realize it’s not the sex I crave,
but the creativity of sex.
So if I can’t be with you right now,
I’ll write a novel,
I’ll paint a portrait,
I’ll sing a song,
I’ll dance without choreography,
just so I can have that emotional climax
with myself.

Elaine Bento  Jan 17, 2018

NaNoWriMo 2017 Winner!!!

I just validated my total official word count on NaNoWriMo and I have been proclaimed a winner!!! Even though I’ve only written 38,052 words this month, I added my previous word count for a grant total of 84,386 words in my novel! I’m not finished writing yet. In fact I’ll be writing more into the night to finish the scene I’m working on, but I just wanted to have a taste of what winning NaNoWriMo feels like for once. My novelling powers are on fire!!! 😀

NaNo Day 26

68 words. I was going to write a new chapter today after I reached my goal, but was having trouble thinking of how everything would play out. I realized it was because I was missing some information, so I focused the rest of the evening on doing more research. Did you know that cats have another scent sensor besides their nose? It’s called a Jacobson’s organ.