NaNo day 30

5,017 words. So my total written this month is 39,184 words (almost 40,000–so close!). I’m going to miss NaNoWriMo. Now I have to actually do other things. Like chores. -_-


NaNo day 5

963 words. I’m falling more in love with my characters  My old notes are still frustrating me because I like them but they don’t fit seamlessly with the new stuff that I’ve written.

Hey everyone! I’ve officially decided to have my own NaNoWriMo (or rather a MiNoWriMo). Starting May 1 until May 31, I pledge to write 25,000 words for my novel-in-progress (around 806 words per day). I will be posting my daily word count so I give you permission nag me (but hopefully cheer me on) if I’m slacking. Feel free to join me if you’re in the same boat or have a burning idea for a story that you’ve been too afraid to manifest!