I’m back from a long break to working on my novel! Here’s an excerpt from my latest chapter:

Finally, I turn onto the street that leads out of the city. I can see the architecture thinning near the end and I feel triumph building and getting ready to bloom in my chest. I press the gas pedal down a little more in anticipation, not enough to draw a cop’s notice, but just enough to fuel my thrill. When I see the back of the “Welcome to Oakland City” sign whiz past, I laugh out loud. I did it. I saved him. He’s free. I’m free. The long country road stretches ahead of me, unthreatening and full of possibilities.

Elaine Bento


MiNoWriMo Day 31: 1016 words!

This month I have written a total of 22,129 words, so I ended only about 3.3 days behind. Still, I made huge progress with my story and I feel really good about it! Thank you so much to everyone who has followed my word count updates and who supports and encourages me! This is not the end! I will still continue writing this novel until it’s finished, just now more at a leisurely pace. You might see more novel updates from me at NaNoWriMo time. Stay tuned!

MiNoWriMo Day 30: 2038 words!! I’m so proud of myself!
Today’s my last day of MiNoWriMo. It’s kind of sad, because I enjoyed thinking of nothing other than my story. I’ll still continue to try to write every day, but it won’t be with the same amount of vigor, since I have other areas in my life that miss me and require my attention 😛 WiFi is still down, so today’s final word count will probably be posted tomorrow afternoon when I can catch it somewhere else.