Just finished Book #3!

So much quicker than I thought I would! I had most of the final scenes written in notes, I just had to add them to the main document and beef them up a bit. I’m so happy to be at this part in the series. I’ve written FOUR NOVELS now!!! (Although, the first one I wrote, which is not part of the series was pretty bad).

Book 3 is full of family drama, a war between to mythical species, and of course, romance! Take a look at my pretend cover:Caterwaul cover


Not my picture, I don’t own the rights.


Almost done #3, onto #4

I’ve been moving back and forth between books in my series. I finished the second draft of book 1, I’m in the midst of editing the second draft of book 2, and I’m almost done writing the first draft of book 3! I’ll be back at fast paced writing come this November for NaNoWriMo and start book #4 😀 Want a sneak peak?

Night Stalker cover

This is my pretend cover for book 4

image credits: Cameron Bailey by Rick Day